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Rehab Balm

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This Rehab balm is an all natural alternative to treat minor cuts, burns and bites.

It takes 8 weeks to infuse the wonderful benefits of the calendula flower into the base oil mixture that consists of avocado oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin e oil.  Calendula is a unique plant that has many amazing properties: wound-healing, skin calming, anti-inflammatory, brightening and whitening.

*Avocado oil contains vitamin e, anti oxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in healing minor skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.
*Coconut oil is known for its skin brightening properties (to minimize scarring) and is a natural anti-bacterial.
*Sweet almond oils anti-bacterial qualities help keep skin clean and helps prevent infection.
*Vitamin e oil allows for long lasting hydration and helps keep your skins protective barrier intact.
*Rosemary essential oil acts as a natural antibacterial/anti microbial/anti inflammatory, aiding in keeping the skin clear of infection.
*Beeswax is a great natural moisturizer that creates a barrier and helps lock in moisture. It helps to stimulate collagen synthesis and won’t suffocate your skin.