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The perfect place to start your crystal collection. Tumbles are the best to create your own starter kits for meditation, traveling, protection and so much more.

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  1. Rainbow Moonstone Tumble (High Grade)
  2. Rainbow Moonstone Tumblr
  3. Rainbow Obsidian Marble Tumble
  4. Red Jasper Tumble
  5. Red Tiger’s Eye Tumble
  6. Rhodonite Tumble
  7. Rose Quartz Marble Tumble
  8. Rose Quartz Tumble
  9. Ruby Fuchsite Tumble
  10. Ruby Kyanite Tumble
  11. Rutilated Quartz Tumble
  12. Sardonyx Carnelian Tumble
  13. Satin Spar Tumble (Selenite)
  14. Shungite Tumble
  15. Silver Sheen Obsidian Tumble